Getting started

AC Radio is simple and framework-standalone UI for pma-voice.

You can use any supported framework to enable additional features such as usable item or frequency restrictions.
Supported frameworks are ox_core (opens in a new tab), qbx_core (opens in a new tab), qb-core (opens in a new tab) and es_extended (opens in a new tab).


  • Two available frequency presets customisable by player
  • Frequency restrictions for groups/jobs
  • Configurable frequency limit and decimal precision
  • Usable item for ox_inventory (opens in a new tab) - and any ESX/QB inventory
  • Choose whether to use command and/or usable item for opening the UI
  • Tooltips for individual buttons on the radio
  • Buttons for complete volume control (up, down, mute)
  • Configurable percentage of volume to increase and decrease per step
  • Compatible with entity lockdown server setting