Bridge module gives you access to functions controlling player's inventory.
Thanks to this, ac_documents is compatible with any inventory that supports item metadata.


Use OX Inventory for the best experience. It's free, stable, secure and has full metadata support.
Other inventories listed below are not recommended due to security issues and lack of proper metadata support. Use them at your own risk.

Pre-made bridges


You can create your own inventory bridge by following this guide.
If you need help, you can ask on our Discord (opens in a new tab) in support ticket.

Even though we don't provide a pre-made bridge for it, you can still make your own!
This is our opinion only. You can use any inventory (with metadata) you want.

Can you provide more pre-made bridges?

Yes, we can. But there are some requirements that the inventory must meet:

  • Secured without any known exploits
  • Full metadata support
  • Free OR well documented (if paid)
InventorySecuredMetadataFree / Docs
OX Inventory✔️✔️✔️
ESX InventorySomehow✔️
QB Inventory *Bad✔️
QS Inventory **Less bad

* This also aplies to LJ Inventory or other reskins.
It is very exploitable. Metadata support is poorly written with lot of bugs.

** QS Inventory is just a paid copy of QB Inventory. Strongly not recommended.