Here you can find detailed description of each config option.


What supported language to use for notifications and UI.
Locale name is the same as the file name in locales (opens in a new tab) folder without the .lua extension (eg. en, cs).

Accepted values
'en' = Or any other locale.


Whether to check for newer resource version and notify in server console.

Accepted values
true = You will be notified in server console when a newer version of ac_documents is available.
false = You will need to manually check for a newer version on Keymaster (opens in a new tab) 👎🏽


Whether to add a crumpled paper item to player's inventory after destroying a document.

Accepted values
true / false


Names of items you created in ox_inventory/data/items.lua.
If you used the snippets in Creating items section, you don't have to change anything.

Accepted values

    paper = 'paper', -- item name for paper
    document = 'document', -- item name for document
    crumpled_paper = 'crumpled_paper', -- item name for crumpled paper