Getting started

Make sure to read this carefully before using the script.


* Support for custom inventories can be done by editing the inventory bridge.
The default inventory bridge is for ox_inventory (opens in a new tab).
All available inventory bridges provided by us are listed here, however you can create your own.
The inventory must support metadata!


Before using the resource, you need to import the documents.sql file into your database.

Creating items

Make sure to create items called paper, document and crumpled_paper in your inventory.
You can change the used item names in ac_documents/editable/config.lua.
You can use the following images or make your own.


Obtaining paper

We provide snippets for some inventories or shops, however you can also create your own.
If you want to make your own system to get papers, use the following server export.

Your own script
-- server side
local preset = 'MedicalReport'
local count = 1
exports.ac_documents:givePaper(source, preset, count)